Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Baby is Acers

I had every intention of being good and blogging and writing.

My computer had other ideas.

First it moved slow. Like, lets read a book while I wait for things slow.

Then it crashed.

When I got it back after half of it had been amputated, it moved slow as in, let's get a sandwich, wash the dishes and sweep the floor while I wait slow.

I made sure I got all my valuable stuff, like my writing and my grandkids pictures onto my external hard drive.

Then it got slow like, lets watch an episode of Smallville while I eat that sandwich, do some laundry, run some errands, bake cookies, and organize my filing system while I wait slow.

Last year everyone popped up at school with those little netbooks that had all the same memory and capabilities of my 900 pound laptop. I wanted one. I craved one. Yes, I coveted one. But I couldn't justify getting one when I had a perfectly fine laptop.

I think a computer crash and a laptop so slow that I have to shave my legs in between wait times justifies getting a netbook. Especially since I'm a student and a supposed writer.

So now I have a little netbook. It doesn't require a bag the size of a microwave, it weighs less than the fillings in my teeth, it has all the capabilities and more that my laptop had at it's coming out party, and it's purple. Yes purple. The geniuses that created computers were like Ford who said that people could have any color car they wanted as long as it was black. Computer companies were like that too, although they went with grey and beige. But now we can have computers in all kinds of colors and some even come with designs.

I loved my laptop when I first got it. It promised mobility that I didn't have with my previous desktop, and I did take it places as long as I didn't have to carry it too far, and it was better and faster than my desk top, but computers don't have a long life and their tickers slow and down and stop working and by then new computers come along that offer so much more for half the price.

Yeah, the netbook is less than half the price that I paid for my laptop. Computer prices have dropped dramatically in the past three years.

By next year I'm sure my little netbook will be obsolete. But I'm happy now.

One change, I would make it so that I could rotate the programs on the screen so I could read it like an ebook sometimes.