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The Orchards of Marina Colleen

The Orchards of Marina Colleen Book 1: Thimble Fingers 

When the woman first appears at Thimble Fingers, the needlework shop in The Orchards of Marina Colleen, owner Katherine is eager to aquire a new customer. After all, it's not unusual for women who know nothing about needlework to come in, take a lesson in the fine art of cross stitch, and walk out with a bag load of supplies, a head full of projects too numerous to accomplish, and a free cup of coffee. But as the owner/customer relationship quickly develops into friendship, questions arise. Why is this woman asking about Katherine's past behind her back? What is it about Pilar that makes everyone so suspicious? More importantly to the other store owners, what is Katherine hiding in her past? Could all those sharp scissors and needles be emblems of a darker psychotic history? Whatever it is, everyone is uncomfortable with the covert antics of this mysterious stranger. The answers start a series of events that threaten the peaceful life that Katherine had so carefully built for herself.

Travel to the Orchards, the outdoor mall on Vancouver Island where you'll meet Gary, the sixty something draft dodger hippy who owns the glass blowing shop. He'll most likely be protesting something and this time, he wears nothing but a diaper while doing it. There's Bettina, the quilt shop owner. She always has Katherine's back and will, if she has to, wield a pair of sewing shears to protect her. Chloe, the manager of the frame shop, has her own hidden agenda that hits Katherine in the face - literally. and Tony, the gorgeous owner of Java the Hut, is on a hunt to track down store owners giving away free cups of coffee. And then there's Kelsey who is...well, he's just serendipitous. You can pick up a copy here at Amazon.

The Witches

Witches Brew Ha-Ha

Between love potions, kissing drixels (with unfortunate results),banned broom flying, and the strange behaviors of a curious teenage witch, it's not that easy keeping a family together. But It isn't just the teenage witches that are causing problems. Long held and disturbing family secrets have come to light and may very well change things forever.

You can get your copy here at Amazon.

Along the Garden Path 

New Kindle Cover
Roses & Daisies

Original Paperback Cover
Have you ever wanted to get in your car, drive away, and leave everything behind? When a sudden tragedy changes the life of strong, dependable, Laurel Tanner, she gets in her car and travels across the Trans-Canada Highway. She tells no one that she’s left, or where she’s going. In fact, she’s not entirely sure herself why she’s doing it.

Her bewildered husband Douglas, and her telepathically connected twin brother, Lin, set out on a journey to find her and hopefully bring her home.Told with both sorrow and humor, through the eyes of seven different characters, this novel examines perceptions and relationships, and finds that often what we believe about ourselves, or another, may not be the truth.

For more on this book including reviews and the first chapter go to Roses and Daisies.

To order a Kindle Version go to Roses & Daisies on Amazon. To order a paperback book contact me at  Price is $10 which includes shipping and handling. Cash or money order.

Not My Book but I Make an Appearance

Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul

Well, this is not my book, but I am in it. Unfortuneatly they used the wrong name, my married one instead of my author one. But I'm in a good spot - near the beginning and beside a cartoon. Look for "Did You Just Eat a Watermelon".