This Is Me

Yes this is me.

I'm the mother of seven. Yes I do know about birth control or I would be the mother of seventeen. Only two are still at home. I killed the rest. No I didn't. Although there were times I wanted to but I don't believe in doing everything I want.

I'm also a writer. I tell myself that everyday even though I don't have a villa in Italy, a castle in England or a beach house in California.

What I do have is several novels in their first draft, one published novel - no I did not publish it myself. Someone actually decided to publish it, and numerous credits in newspapers and magazines. I've made enough money to buy myself lunch.

A little success is worse than no success. A little success keeps you trying. No success means that you can forget it and move on. A little success keeps you banging your head against brick walls desperately looking for hidden doors.

My head hurts.