Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who Knew I Had That Kind of Mortgage

I got two emails today informing me that Carrington Mortgage Services LLC has taken out a payment from my checking account for $8716.00.

I laid down on the floor and laughed, and laughed.

How do you take almost $9000 out of a checking account that only has about $300 bucks in it?

And who has a mortgage payment of $9000 bucks anyway? Ed McMahn I'm not.

In fact I rent. What would I pay mortgage on?

But...there was an attachment that suggested I look into.

No, I did not open it.

I looked on for information. Warning: don't go there, you'll never come out again.

Nothing about this was there.

But I'm wondering if anyone has fallen for this, momentarily and ended up with a virus.

Okay, for today's post, go to "How Did I Get Ham Out of A Shrinking Violet?