Friday, August 1, 2008

Official Name Change

All right, I have declared a name for this new blog.

I originally wanted to put my name in it. No, it has nothing to do with my deep founded belief that I'm the greatest writer who ever lived and I want to tell everyone about it.

It has more to do with name recognition and blogs and stuff like that.

But I simply couldn't find a name I liked to work with.

So, I've resorted to a title of a book I haven't yet written. Well, in a way I have. It was going to be all my columns put together, but seeing as I don't have anyone who would be interested in that project right now, it's on the back burner. The far back burner. The one behind at the back of the garden plot where no one goes because there's too many spiders.

My post for today is about Beedle the Bard at This That and That Other Thing.