Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contest and Why Can't I Sleep at Night

I like contests. I rarely if ever win, but I keep trying.

Anne Bradshaw currently has a contest going on her website. Just click on the link to find out about it. It involves a book and financial freedom.

Sigh, I guess I have to have some kind of finances to have freedom.

Still battling some depression, tiredness and writer's block. The other night I was really good and got to bed by midnight. I read for awhile and started dozing off so I turned out the light.

And then I was awake all night long.

Why can I doze off with a book and the light on but not when the light is off? And don't tell me to go back to reading, I did, but after a couple of hours I had to get up and move around.

So it was six in the morning before I got to sleep. And can I be productive during the awake hours? Nope, because I'm too tired to write, and there is that writer's block thing.

I'm yawning now and it's 3 in the afternoon. Almost time for the kids to get home and do the runaround between dance, church activities, dinner and whatever.

And now I'm rambling, all so I could put out a post for the contest.


JaeJay said...

I have had trouble sleeping once in a while. Have you seen a Dr? I am sure you have, so please ignore me if I am asking stupid questions. I hope that you can find some sleep, and have your writer's block go away.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Anna Maria,

Isn't it a pain that we have to sleep every night? Think of all we could accomplish if we didn't need sleep.

But then, when would we dream?

So sorry you're having trouble sleeping ... have you tried soothing fragrances (like Urban Botanics) warm baths, or a glass of warm milk?

Cindy Beck, author said...

Oh drat. I also meant to thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on That Wonderful Time of Year.

Glad you enjoyed it. Now tell me, just how is it you can relate to throwing mukluks at a snow plow driver? Hmmm? :)

PS: Would you mind sending me your email address offline? I have something I need to talk with you about. You can reach me at author at bythebecks dot com.

Julie Wright said...

oh yikes I feel like I just read my journal. Yep, I'd better get some finances in order to manage them. And I was up all night too! You should have called! :) My husband is out of town and I seriously cannot sleep when he's away.

Heather Moore said...

I had a neighbor who could only sleep with the tv on. Maybe you can try tylenol pm or something.