Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fix Those Template Problems and a Really Funny Blog

Every now and then I come across something I feel the need to let others know about.

I have always had blog template issues. Fortunately I've found a template for this blog that I love and have no intentions changing, however some of my other blogs haven't been as fortunate.

Aside from finding great blog templates which has been difficult, when one has been found often they don't work and they always require you to scrap your widgets, which requires rebuilding your blog. So changing the look of your blog isn't easy, especially if you've got lots of lists.

Well, because of some of you I've discovered a great site with free backgrounds, and because you use the templates at blogger, you don't lose your widgets each time you change the look of your blog. It makes those boring blogger templates into something else entirely. And they also have pages of helps to improve your template, such as turning a two column blog into a 3 column, a boon to those of us who are html illiterate.

By the way, I love 3 column blogs, so much easier to divide up the information you want to relate to people.

I was thinking of scrapping some of my blogs, but I loved the designs at this site so much that I was having too much fun updating them.

So where is this great place? It's called The Cutest Blog on the Block and it deserves it's name. For a peek at what they can do, take a look at a couple of blogs that I updated. Views From Hobbit Hole, Annamaniacs, This, That and That Other Thing, and 10 Minutes of Crazy. All were done with the Minima Template from Blogger, and none of them look like each other. And if I get tired of any of them, just a couple of clicks will update them without losing all those hard worked on widgets.

The hardest part is deciding which background from the Cutest Blog to go with. They have so many and are always bringing out new ones.

And now, I have to mention a blog that I love to read because she's so darn funny. I'd give her an award but I have nothing to give. So here's to Cindy Beck at Write Up My Cindy Beck. She deserves to be read.

I'm going to go cough up a lung now. Oh, did I mention that I pulled a muscle in my leg? Because it's just not enough to be sick, I have to be crippled as well. My children, none of whom are toddlers anymore, have decided to play "Mom's sick, let's destroy the house because she lost her voice and can't yell at us and doesn't have the energy to chase us down."

Hey, but I am blogging.


Unknown said...

Here's the great thing about you and all your templates: at least you're always trying to mix things up! I think I'll change mine when my kids are grown and my graphic no longer makes sense. :-)

And I'm off to check out that fun blog you recommended!

Jodi said...

Do you really have that many blogs! Wow I wasn't sure which one to go to! Still not sure!

Thanks for entering my contest! Stop on over and vote on your fave PURPLISCIOUS find!!!! There's some crazzzy purple out there! Hurry though - ends tomorrow!!!!!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Aw shucks, Anna. You said the nicest things about me, and now I'm blushing. :)

Really, I appreciate the idea of you giving me an award but you don't need to even think of giving me such a thing. No, really ... it would be just too much ...

Okay, maybe one little award.

Something like peanut butter cookies or a package of mints. Or better yet, something easy, like sending me your first born child.

No wait, a child would be too hard to mail and have too much upkeep. Just send me half your retirement fund. :)

All kidding aside ... it was so sweet of you to mention me. I really appreciate it!