Friday, December 9, 2011

T'was the Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas, when all through my dwelling,
All the creatures were stirring, and they were all yelling.
The stockings were hung, and then fell on the floor,
And there wasn't a chimney, just the front door.

 I nestled the children all snug in their beds,
After I threatened, to knock together their heads,
And I in pyjamas that I got last year,
Attempted to find some holiday cheer.
There were presents to wrap, and gifts still for making,
And I groaned at the lack of my holiday baking,
My tree didn't look like a Martha creation.
And my messy house was a whole other frustration.
I thought of the gifts that I couldn't get,
Due to no money and a little bad debt,
And I couldn't help feeling somewhat depressed,
That I couldn't give what they wanted best.
When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my couch to see what was the matter,
And suddenly there sprang through my front door,
That jolly old elf of ancient folk lore.
His eyes how they twinkled as they surveyed me,
And my sad little gifts and my still sadder tree,
And then I saw through that snowy white beard,
That a dazzling smile had slowly appeared.

"You forgot," he said, "the most important thing."
"You forgot," he said, "what makes your heart sing."
I looked at him puzzled. What did I forget?
Was there still one more thing that I had to do yet?

 "Come with me," he said, and held out his hand.
And instantly we were in a long ago land
I could see three men, travelling from afar
And their eyes were turned up to a bright shining star.

 And then in a flash, I saw shepherds gaze,
At a glorious figure with white light ablaze
It hovered above them and filled them with awe
And spoke words of peace, yet, there was more that I saw.

 We were in a warm stable, with animals around,
I could hear angels singing, a most wondrous sound.
I saw a young maiden, a woman most fair,
With a lovely complexion and long brown hair,
In her arms was a baby with a glowing face
And I felt overwhelmed in this most sacred of place,
And Santa, dear Santa held me quite near,
And whispered so softly in my trembling ear.
"You focused so much on the gifts that you got,
That you didn't remember the gifts that He brought."
My heart almost burst, and my tears overflowed.
And I knelt before that baby, born long ago. 

Then suddenly back home, in my modern day room,
Gone was the stable and gone was my gloom,
Gone was dear Santa, but under the tree,
He had left the most beautiful nativity,
I looked in my hand, and there the babe lay,
I set the figure down in the manger of hay,
And with joy in my heart, my chores quickly done,
I thought of the gift of the Father's Son
And then I turned out the Christmas tree lights,
And I checked on my kids, and kissed them goodnight.
And when I looked out at the starry winter sky,
I saw from his sleigh, Santa wave goodbye.
                                                - Anna Maria Junus