Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Choices

I've done some tweaking and I would like more opinions. Which book cover is the best. Keep in mind that maybe I need to do something completely different. There are no prizes. Just votes or comments. Or both.

Cover 1: The Original

Cover 2: Minus the ocean.  I tried the green color as well. Do you like this or the soft yellow?

 Cover 3. Same as above only with the soft yellow instead of green.

Cover 4. Divided into two parts instead of three. If the green is more popular I could use that color in place of the yellow.

So votes please. Which do you like best? Do you have other suggestions?


Elle said...

Anna, options 2 and 3 are best, in my opinion. I am torn between the green and soft yellow, although if I had to choose it would be the soft yellow. Also, I'm not sure about the flexibility you have in editing the bottom picture with the door? I feel like my eye is focusing (or trying to) on where the top of the door should be. It's almost distracting. Can you crop a little more off the bottom and include the top of the door? Then I would be at peace with the photo and would be able to foucs on the title and author's name. I hope you find my comments constructive. I promise to check subsequent posts regarding your book cover :)