Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Latest Books

So while I'm readying a novel for publication, I decided to publish two books, count them two, of my short stories and poetry.

The first in the series (not that it matters that it's first, you can read them in any order) is "Up in the Attic (The Tchochkie Collection)". 

What the heck is a Tchochkie? You might ask that. Even if you didn't I will explain. It's a Jewish (no I'm not Jewish, just borrowing) word for doodad, ornament, stuff you put on a shelf because you like it although it serves no purpose and everyone else wonders why you have it although you might have some admirers too.

So those are my stories and poems. Little tchochkies that I don't know what to do with but I can't throw away and I hope that someone else will like them too. Furthermore, it appears that I misspelled tchochkie. It is actually tchotchke. But I spelled it that way, because I want to.

The second in the series is "Down in the Basement". You might be noticing a theme here. But isn't that where we store our tchotchkes? Somewhere around the house?

I'm hoping that you will find enjoyment reading these books.

And coming soon will be a novel. "The Orchards of Marina Colleen Book 1: Thimble Fingers" .

I still have copies of "Roses and Daisies." These are paperback, professionally published and they are ten dollars each (autographed of course). To get a hold of me you can write me at

To read more about Roses and Daisies go to this page.


Shelley Pelletier said...

How do we buy your tchochkie books? I love spelling words my own way!