Monday, March 18, 2013

New Old Book!

Roses and Daisies was first published a few years ago by Millennial Press. It was traditionally published, meaning that it went through the process of being sent out and rejected until it was finally accepted, edited and printed at the expense of the publisher. Which I am grateful for. It's nice to say you are a traditionally published writer and I'm blessed that Millennial Press was willing to do it and believed in the book.

It tells the story of a tragedy in a Mormon family. Many people came up to me and told me how it affected them, made them cry and caused them to think. I had one interesting conversation where a reader who loved the book saw something in it that I hadn't thought of, but I decided that she was right. See, I'm brilliant. I even write things that I didn't know I was writing.  It received good reviews.. It also caused some controversy because I had a non-Mormon character drink a glass of wine and she didn't get hit by a car or have some other catastrophe happen because of it. It was subsequently pulled from shelves because unlike the rest of the book world where controversy can make you millions, controversy does not sell books in the LDS world.

Of course when I wrote it, I had no idea I was writing something so controversial. Sadly, saying that it's controversial keeps many people away and the ones that would be interested because it's controversial will be SO disappointed.

I have since received the publishing rights back and with a new cover (that my thirteen year old daughter designed with my tweaks), and a few minor changes (more poetry at the beginning of chapters which had been initially cut), and the wine drinking still in the book, it is now published as a kindle ebook. I am also looking into print on demand for my books.

I still have paperback copies of the original which are for sale but if you want it on your ereader you can find it at Amazon.

And if you want to read reviews and the first chapter you can do it here.

See, I`ve never been afraid of a little controversy.