Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jay Leno I'm Not

Yeah, I took some time off.

So here's my review, "The Santa Letters by Stacy Gooch-Anderson" . There are people who will not like me.

In the news today, a 59 year old woman gave birth to triplets.

If you were to see me now my eyes would be big and round and moving like kalidoscopes.

She got donated eggs or something. I'm not sure whether I was more shocked by this piece of news and the implications or the declaration from the French government that they won't allow women over 42 to recieve donated eggs.

Apparently I am now over the age where it's acceptable to have a baby. Not that I want one, I've already done more than my fair share in that department, it's just the fact that I'm considered too old now.

I wish my body knew that, it would make some days easier. I mean if I'm going to be declared too old I should get the benefits from that declaration. But no, I'm old and still have to suffer.

Fifty-nine with baby triplets. By the time she's done with diapering them, she'll be diapering herself. They're going to all be in walkers at the same time. They better hurry up and get licences so they can drive her around.

Okay, not fair. Lots of men have babies at 59 and no one thinks anything of it. But then they're not the ones who actually take care of them. They hire nannies for their wives. They hire nannies for their babies too.

Okay, I'll stop.