Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coming Back

I'm baaaack.

I know it's been two months. Okay more than two months.

First I got busy with some writing projects with deadlines and then when those were through, I suffered writers block.

I've never had writers block before. Still have it. This post and the other one I wrote have been a struggle. And I feel guilty for not accomplishing anything.

So there's the confession.

And here's a link to something I found interesting. Sanctity of Marriage. I don't agree with everything that this blogger says on everything, but on this subject I'm nodding my head. You can read my reaction here. When Bad Is Called Good.

And hopefully I can begin writing again.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

Glad to see you back. I was wondering where you'd gone. Maybe there is something in this air right now. I've had some serious writer's block for quite awhile.