Monday, June 3, 2013

My New Website and Author Friend Jean Oram

Years ago, I created a website. This was before I jumped on the blog bandwagon. At the time, blogs didn't make sense to me. Why would you post your diary for the public to see?

My website took a lot of work because it constantly needed updating. I was using a program on my computer that didn't transfer to another computer and I'm not even sure it exists anymore. On the good side I did receive an honorable mention from Writers Digest as one of the best authors websites. They published the address within their pages. For those of you who don't know, Writer's Digest is the bible of the writing world. It is the first magazine writers go to for help with writing and the latest news. They have interviews with the successful authors in the industry. The current issue has one of Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner. They also have extensive information on their website. Although they have always focused on traditional publishing they are now paying attention to self-publishing, epublishing and print on demand as well.

When I discovered blogging and how simple it was in comparison, I gave up my website (and the monthly fee) and never looked back.

Now I found a place where I can again have a website and it's easy and doesn't require special programs. I can set it up and still maintain my blogs by linking to the website. Updating the website is simple too, but it doesn't require constant updating because I have my blogs.

So after that long explanation, the unveiling begins (hey, there's always a long speech before an unveiling. Here it is. Appropriately named Anna Maria Junus.

On another note: Jean Oram is a writer friend who has been very helpful to other writers. We go to the same book club and a writers group. She wrote a terrific guest blog. 10 Ways to Give Yourself a Nervous Breakdown: Tips for Authors

She also has her own website. The Helpful Writer

And best of all, she's giving away her book. I don't know how long that will last. But it is high up on my must read list and I will be reviewing it on my book review blog.You can download the book from Amazon.

Champagne and Lemon Drops

Happy reading!


Jean Oram said...

WOW! You were mentioned in Writer's Digest for your website? You are full of surprises! That is SUCH an honour! You must have been on cloud 9. :)

Your Wix site looks lovely! Smart, crisp, professional, and uncluttered. I like it.

Thanks for the shout out about Champagne and Lemon Drops. I plan to have it free for some time (most ebook vendors). (And I can't express how nervous I am of you reviewing it! GAH! You are always on point with your reviews and critiques and this being my first book I know there are places for improvement. The British do seem to enjoy it more than Americans interestingly enough. Anyway, I do hope you and your readers enjoy the shenanigans and get a few chuckles out of it.)