Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Those Dishonest Writers!


Man Writes Rave Reviews for Pay

He's created a business.

Now as a writer I know that marketing needs to be done. I think it's fair for writers to pay for reviews. After all, you're asking another writer to spend their time reading your book and writing a review. They should be compensated for their time.

For a lot of reviewers, all they want is the free book. Other reviewers get paid.

That's fair.

What isn't fair is paying for favorable reviews. Five star reviews.

I have never paid for a review. I don't have the money. But paying for five star reviews is despicable. It makes the whole reviewing process a joke. How is a reader supposed to know what to spend their hard earned money on if they can't trust the reviewers.

This guy doesn't just write one review in one place. He goes undercover and writes many positive reveiws in the same place under different names.

It's disgusting.

My books have received four and five star reviews honestly.

An author who pays for five star reviews has no confidence in their work, can't handle honesty and is probably a lousy writer, because good writers don't need to pay for false reviews.

Writers work hard on their product. They give up their time, their social lives, money, and relationships to create their works. It's hard enough to get published, or in the case of self-publishing, noticed with any amount of respect without having con artists and bad writers muddying up things and making every reviewer suspect.

As a writer I appreciate all those people who took their time to give me a review.

It's sad that people like this are making money being dishonest.

I guess it's time to write disclaimers on Amazon.

Can we string up these total lack of integrity writers and tickle them until they cry?