Monday, July 20, 2015

Just Enough Room for the Borrowers

Remember when we all used to ooh and aah over those huge mansions that celebrities and billionaires had?

Movie rooms, two swimming pools (one in, one out), hairdressing salons, game rooms, workout rooms, places to house the family elephant - those kind of houses.

Well now it seems if I trust Facebook, we're all oohing and aahing over little teeny tiny houses.

 Sometimes they're not even houses. Sometimes they're dumpsters, cardboard boxes and garbage cans. Apparently Oscar the Grouch was ahead of his time.

These people have created homes where you can sneeze in your kitchen and hit the bedroom. One piece of furniture is your bed, bookshelf, couch, dining table, and closet. You can have a shower while sitting on your toilet (saves time), make breakfast without getting out of bed (a new meaning to breakfast in bed), and do yoga while watching tv (the tv is so close that your legs are around your ears).

No more calling the kids to dinner. They're right under your feet. You never have to worry about your baby running away since there isn't room to learn how to walk. And it's pretty hard to have a fight with your spouse when the only way you can both be in the same room is to be in each others arms, and who can fight when you're cuddling?

When I was a little girl I always wanted a play house. There was a girl just down the street from me whose Daddy built her a play castle. She had two stories!

Who knew that one day, grown ups would be using the same blueprints to build actual houses?

Frankly, it's a little too claustrophobic for me. It would be like being in second class of an airplane that never lands.


Fun sites to view adorable houses (they're so cute - but I think you have to be an elf or a fairy to live in them.)