Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Dream Scheme Part 4: Those Sales Tactics

Ways to Reel Them In:

1. Invite your victim friend over for dinner. Make sure you let them know their company is sincerely wanted. Give them a really nice dinner, then show them your "opportunity". They will be ever so grateful.

2. Invite them out of an evening of fun. Tell them it's a surprise. Then take them to an opportunity meeting. Surprise! They will be so grateful.

3. If you have houseguests, sit them down for an evening of fun and games. Then bring out the "opportunity". They will thank you for it.

4. While talking to friends, aquaintances and co-workers watch for magic words or phrases. If someone mentions that they are looking for a job, looking for another way to make money, wish they could find something different, or lamenting about not having enough money, these are cues to introduce them to the opportunity. If your product is health food you can also listen for mentions of desire to lose weight, eat healthier or feel better. These are important keys to let you know that this person is ready for the "opportunity". So keep your ears open. Especially watch out for the words - cancer, diet, tired, pms, or doctor.

5. Make sure when you share the opportunity that you let them know it's a "new" business model. It isn't, but they don't have to know that.

6. Never, ever let them know up front what it is. Tell the it's a business opportunity. Don't say it's multi-level marketing. You might even consider not letting them know what business it is.

7. Tell them they hardly have to work. Well, tell them that initially. Once they're signed up, then tell them that they have to put their all into it.

8. Make sure you advertise all over the internet. When someone does research on your company you want to be sure they have trouble finding anything negative. Everything that comes up about your company should be positive. If everyone in the company pitches in and does this, then everything that pops up on google will be positive.

9. Only give out links to positive endorsements. You don't want negative Nellies around. We have spent a lot of money on these endorsements. Use them.

10. Do not focus on the start up costs. Every business has start up costs. Focus on how much they will make. Do not get into finances except showing them one of your checks from the company. Finances come later after they've signed up.

11. Tell them how much freedom you have and how many vacations the people above you take. Tell them about the successes in the company.

12. Memorize the lines and answers we give you. We know what works. Stick with the script.

 Special instructions for health food industry:

13.  Emphasize how healthy everything is. Even if it's loaded with ingredients that don't sound like real food, assure them that it is real food. Remind them that they "are what they eat" and people who don't eat healthy are not good people.

14. If they complain about the food and that it makes them feel sick, or that they don't like it, then tell them it's the toxins working their way out of their bodies, and once they get used to the food they will love it! It's the toxins that prevent them from liking the food and it's the toxins making them sick, not the food.

Note: Most people in an MLM are sincere. They believe in what they're doing. They are victims of a scam. Most of them have no idea when they say their lines, that the lines are used by other MLM's and have been used for years. They think it's original. They often think that their MLM is a new forward and upcoming business model that no one has done before. Those that figure it out may be hesitant to leave because they've already sunk in thousands of dollars and might be too embarrassed to admit they were wrong. Some of these people have experienced mild success but haven't been honest with themselves about the money spent to reach this success. Financial success is figured out by checks coming in - not balanced by money going out. Success is also figured out by levels reached - often determined by how much is spent.

All businesses have the potential to fail. But MLM's are set up for failure where only a small number of people will succeed - just enough to convince people that they too can succeed. MLM's can't succeed to the extent that they promise - or everyone would be in one and there would be a glut on the market which will result in failure.

If you need to join an MLM to purchase the product at a reasonable price, it's a pyramid scheme. If the emphasis is on the business and not on the product, it's a pyramid scheme. If they are not up front with you about the product or the business, it's a pyramid scheme. If someone is cryptically referring to their business and not saying what the business is, it's a pyramid scheme - they are waiting for you to ask so they can introduce you to the opportunity. If after purchasing product you are pressured to introduce the product to others - it's a pyramid scheme.

Real businesses, although friendly to other similar businesses, do not want everyone else to have the same business. Competition is healthy to a certain point. It's why you can have a McDonalds, a Taco Bell, an A&W and a Wendy's all within walking distance (or even the same corner), but you won't find two McDonalds side by side. McDonalds won't do that to their owners. It's not good for business. But that's what MLMs do. They won't open a brick and mortar business, but the whole set up requires you to introduce the opportunity to your friends, acquaintances and neighbors which means that you will all be selling the exact same thing to many of the same people. It's like having a bunch of McDonalds on the same block. You will find with many MLM's, clusters of people doing the same thing in the same physical area.

It just doesn't work.