Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Mother's Piece of Advice (Is Anybody Listening?)

Today's suggestion for a blog post from the Ultimate Blog Challenge, was to write about one piece of advice.

I'm a mother. I have all kinds of advice. That's what we do. We give advice to anyone who will hear it and then be frustrated when it is ignored.

I was going through my head all the great pieces of advice I could offer. Such as

"Just because it looks like a piece of  chocolate, doesn't mean that it is."
"Life is filled with pain. Make a sandwich."
"If you wear your pants around your knees, it makes it really hard to run away from a fire."
"No one wants to see your thong."
"Aim for the stars. You won't hit the stars but you'll get a lot higher than aiming for the back fence."
"Do not run with scissors - unless you need them to kill zombies."
"Pay your rent first. It's a lot easier to find free food than it is to find free housing."

But instead of those ones, I'll offer this one.

Look at life as an adventure.

Really. Life is an adventure. It's an entire world of possibilities, places to see, people to meet, activities to do, and things to learn.

Change is another word for adventure.

When my children were babies they couldn't wait until they were old enough for the nursery at church. It meant that they didn't have to sit in boring church meetings, but instead could play with other kids. When they got older they embraced school, running happily onto the playground while just giving me a quick wave goodbye. When they grew up, they were scared and excited about getting their own apartment where they could make their own rules. No one wanted to live their life in the basement playing video games.

Because you see, to them, life was an adventure.

It can be hard, and scary and test the upper limits of your abilities, and there will be failures along the way. You can get lost, become friends with the wrong people, and make a lot of mistakes. But that's all part of the adventure, where you slay dragons, learn to use your wand, and create awe among the people.

So there it is. Life is an adventure. So bring your sword, your shield and your bag of magic and enjoy the ride.


Lady In Read said...

love this post :) and now am inspired to look at the tips from UBC myself for tomorrow's post (day 6).. thank you for the lines - especially loved the last one. will head out for my adventure now.