Saturday, January 7, 2017

Out of the Comfort Zone and Into the Fire

Assuming auditions will go well, this is what I'll be working on for the next couple of months.

I will be directing this play for a community theater group in the next northern town from me.

I did not go after this. It was thrown into my lap. I had decided after my last acting gig that I was going to put theater to the back burner and concentrate on my books and moving - but God laughed.

I even had requests to join another theater group and I considered it but decided to really concentrate on my books and moving.

And God laughed.

And then he made one of the people in this theater group contact me and ask me to direct.

Bear in mind the production I was involved in with them was me as a nun trying to sing latin hymns in a voice that wasn't going to hurt anyone around me, during their production of Sound of Music. I think if you look back in time you might even find me in a nun's habit.

This was three years ago.

So imagine my surprise to have this brought to me. Now for some people stuff like this happens all the time.

But not for me. I don't get opportunities. That's not me whining. I'm simply stating facts. Opportunity does not come my way often.

But that's how I viewed it, as an opportunity.

Besides I could hear God laughing in the background.

So here I am, wondering if I can pull this off. I've never directed an entire play before. Yes, I just recently directed a small story from a bigger production - which I volunteered to do, and I've directed youth group 15 minute plays, but nothing like this.

When something falls in your lap, especially when you're about to make a big change in your life, and you can hear God laughing, you better just go with the flow and do it, because it just might turn out to lead to something pretty cool.

At least you can amuse God if nothing else.


Glenda Cates said...

I love when opportunities like this one arrives. Only I never thought of God laughing but it makes perfect sense.

Lady In Read said...

gree with previous comment that love such opportunities! And coincidentally just saw a quote over at about opportunities knocking no matter what.. you can check the actual quote there...
My most recent post for UBC and 6WS

Design With Kelly said...

I'm excited for you to direct your first full play, I'd say this was an excellent opportunity. I don't feel like opportunities come my way that often either but I sure do feel like I keep God in stiches sometimes. Fun post. Thanks

yarnsongyoga said...

Definitely go for it. As an amateur singer I once said 'Next life, I will be an opera singer'. Next day an email arrived 'Opera Singers needed'. I didn't get that one but a year later I sang in a chorus in a real life opera. Universe had a big smile.

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