Sunday, January 1, 2017

Here We Go Again

Happy New Year!

In spite of the difficulties of 2016, losing our beloved icons (Mrs Brady! Princess Leia!), wars, people without homes, and the horror of what the Americans called an election culminating in a fairly large group of them saying "we want the guy who hates us, has Hitleresque policies, robs his employees and other businesses and thinks women are his playground. He's going to be our Savior!" (I swear I think there was hypnotism going on here), 2016 was pretty good for me. But then I'm not American and don't have to suffer under the leadership of the Great Orange One. I hope he leaves Canada alone. Sophie Trudeau does not need him grabbing her private parts when she offers a handshake. When she does meet him I would advise her to wear armor down there so that he breaks his hand when he tries.

2016 started off a little rocky with an emergency stay in the hospital and a health scare. But after that things started looking up.

My son graduated from University and was accepted into a masters program at a university in New Brunswick. I had the opportunity to spend time with them - a rarity due to distance and neither one of us being rich enough to jet off in planes. My daughter got married. Another son got engaged, and another daughter got pregnant for the first time.

I was involved in two productions. One told the true stories of refugees and I acted in one of the stories and co-wrote and directed another one. These were performed in front of live audiences, taped and turned into films. Yes people, my name is on a film. The other production was local and we did a 1950's style television variety show where I played several characters and had to wear a bigger Elvis wig than the guy who was playing Elvis.

I also finished the first drafts of two books in my Marina Colleen series.

And I got out of debt.

That's right, you heard me. OUT OF DEBT.

Plus, not only was I invited to join a theater company (which I haven't because I'm planning on moving) but another theater company called me and asked me to direct their spring play. Which I accepted because I'm crazy.

And, I still have a job and I like it, I still have a home. I have a car that I really really like and my relationships with my people are pretty good in spite of the fact that I'm one of the parties involved in them. 

So yes, a pretty good year.

And 2017? Let's see. New grandchild, another graduation, another wedding.

I'll be directing a play, hoping to publish three books, plan to write two books, and there will be a major move to an island (based on whether I can find more than a cardboard box to live in) which I hope the Great Orange One will not care about even though it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. Besides, messing up one country should be enough for any entitled con man with the ability to mass hypnotize people.

And oh yeah, this year starts off with attempting the Ultimate Blog Challenge where I write brilliant posts everyday for a month in the hopes of getting new readers so that one day I can support my lavish lifestyle and live in my own trailer in a trailer park.


Anonymous said...

Well done and getting out of debt and on writing the books!

The Gratitude Guru said...

Getting out of debt is a great accomplishment! And so many others that were listed! University in New Brunswick is fantastic too!

Welcome to the January Ultimate Blog Challenge! I look forward to reading more on your site!

Digital Maestro

Mayura Amarkant said...

Getting out of debt is a dream come true....well done on that one. I would love to know more about your blogging journey during UBC. Do send me links of the movies that you acted in so that I can view it here in India.

Do take a look at my latest post for UBC:

Anonymous said...

getting out of debt is awesome! I know how you feel. I had a huge debt once that followed me around for about 10 years - and then all of a sudden, I was done. It was a nice feeling :)