Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 A Year In Review

Second day, second blog post, I am doing well. Hey, I can pat myself on the back if I want to.

So 2013 which still looks like some date in the distant future. Remember when 2000 seemed eons away? No? Well then I guess you're not as old as me.

So what happened last year? Did I accomplish anything?

Well, I read some books. I don't know how many because I haven't counted them yet. I'll be doing that today sometime, and even blogging about it on my other blog Views From Hobbit Hole.

I published three books! You can go take a look. Just click on the side bar.

I created my own website. You can visit Anna Maria Junus. From there you can read first chapters of my books. Now ain't that handy.

At this time last year I had a part time job at the local museums. In April I got a part time job with the city. In May I no longer had the part time job at the museums, and in November I no longer had the part time job at the city.

So I'm jobless, except for occasionally helping out at the local craft store and writing the sporadic article for the local newspaper.

This is not good. What's the next move? No one knows. However I did get a couple of debts paid off and some money in the bank and something to put on my resume.

This year I got to go to Victoria. Since leaving there 31 years ago I've only gone back 3 times. I realized while I was there that Victoria is where I'm supposed to be. Moving back is tricky though. I need an income and a place to live.

Guess I've got some praying to do.

My mother went back to Heavenly Father in August. The sad part wasn't so much that she went, but that she had to suffer so much before leaving. I am sure she is young and beautiful and no longer has the physical restrictions she had in her last years. She is running around and visiting friends and family. That gives me comfort.

I have also been reexamining my spiritual life and coming to different conclusions and beliefs than I had before. This can be kind of earth shaking, but necessary. I have not lost my faith.

Unfortunately not much writing got done this year. No books were finished. I did make some money on Amazon with my books. I did write a couple of articles for the newspaper. Perhaps this year will be the writing year and hopefully I can make money from it.

It's certainly been an up and down year. I hoping the coming year will be better. I am optimistic.

Now if this ten feet of snow and south pole cold would just go away.