Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Space In Front of My House

I get it.

I really do.

That parking space in front of my house on a busy street - it's not really mine. It belongs to the world. I understand this mentally.

I do not understand it emotionally.

I get unreasonably perturbed when some idiot parks their monstrosity in front of my house where my car belongs.

Sure, I could park in the back in the alley way, except it's winter and I would have to shovel back there or else I would get stuck until summer time when the snow thaws. Especially this year with the snow up to my  neck.

So yes, I feel a little upset when someone takes my spot on the street. I mean, my front walk is right there. What happens if it dips really low in temperature and I have to plug in my car so I can start it the next day. I can't plug it in if I'm parked down the street. What if I have a buttload of groceries? What if the sidewalk isn't shoveled and I risk my life walking on the ice?
Maybe this is my solution.

Not only that, but because someone parked in my spot that is open to anyone, I have to park in front of someone else's house and take their spot. Now is that fair?

Yes, I know that it's not really my spot! That's not the point.

It's in front of my house which I pay rent for. Therefore I should get it. And by the way, just because I leave it for a few hours or a few minutes doesn't mean it should be up for grabs. I need it when I get back.