Friday, January 3, 2014

Writing Goals for 2014

Every year at the beginning of January I set goals. Not resolutions, goals. Resolutions are made to be broken. You can fall on your face with goals and then get back up and start again.

I have no intention of sharing all my goals with the whole wide world. Not that the whole wide world reads this. Not many do, but even so, I thought I would share my writing goals. It's actually one big writing goal and then I've broken it down into something with direction. I may break it down more by applying time slots and days for each one, but I think this is fine for now. Too much structure and I just might rebel. Plus there's always things that come along to take up my time.

But a goal is just that. It's not strict rules, it's a direction. Maybe I should call it directions?

Treat each weekday like a work day. Get up, get dressed, sit down and work. Do not play games, or spend time on facebook. Take lunch and coffee breaks.

1. Write everyday - except maybe Sundays, or Saturdays, or my birthday.
2. For the month of January participate in The Ultimate Blog Challenge which is blogging everyday. Take up this challenge at other times as well.
3. Write a thousand words five times a week in current book I'm working on.
4. Submit at least one article a month to local paper.
5. Find other writing avenues that pay money. Build up a business.
6. Spend an hour a day doing marketing. This includes updating blogs, social networks, my website, amazon etc.
7. Update each blog at least once a week, more for Postcards.
8. Read about writing from books and magazines 15 minutes a day.
9. Spend an hour a day editing a project for publication.
10. Publish at least two books this year.
11. Create Print on Demand copies of published books.
12. Take pictures for book covers.
13. Write at least 3 books this year. Two are almost finished their first draft.