Monday, January 13, 2014

Maybe I Should Dress Up as a Phone

I've been to dinner with friends, or over to someone's house for a visit and been subjected to listening to them talk on the phone to someone else.

Not for an exciting time. It's even worse now that people are always texting someone.

"Hey, I'm here, right in front of your face. I made the effort to come. I put on something besides my pajamas, I combed by hair and brushed my teeth, I got in my car and I'm right here in person giving you my time because I want to, and you're there talking on your phone to someone else which leaves me completely out of the conversation and lets me know that I'm not important."

Remember when you were a kid and you were playing with someone until someone else came along that they thought was better to play with, and they would just leave you? Yeah, it's like that.

Why do adults insist on continuing on with that rude and self absorbed behavior? You would think they would know better.

Or how about those times you're in a store or on a bus and someone decides that they are so important that everyone should hear their conversation on the phone? They don't speak quietly. They don't even speak in a normal tone. They speak quite loudly as if to say "see, I have a friend on the phone who talks to me".

I don't care about your fight. I don't care what color the sweater you're wearing or thinking of buying is. I don't need to know where you're going for lunch or what movie you're going to see. What makes you possibly think that I care? If you're parents suck that's between you and your parents.

The other day there was a teenage girl having a fight with one of her parents on the phone. I was so tempted to say something to her but I figured she would just be rude and obnoxious to me too for butting in.

Maybe I should have said something anyway, because if you're going to force me to listen to your side of the conversation, then it seems to me I should have some input.

And now for your entertainment.