Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Ultimate Blog Challange!

/So because I am just a little bit crazy - just a little bit mind you - not enough to be Girl Interrupted, I have decided to join this Ultimate Blog Challange. Basically I am attempting to blog everyday for the month of January.

Now it's not as if I can't meet challenges. I watched a Christmas movie every day in December and blogged about that. You can read my reviews at Views From Hobbit Hole. I've also completed Nanowrimo three times. So blogging everyday should be a sinch, right?

It's part of my goals for this year. I never use the word resolution. A resolution is a promise you make on January first and break on the January second. A goal is something you strive for, fall down on, and get back up again.

So one goal this year is to write everyday. If I can write a blog post and contribute to my work in progress, then there's my daily writing goal.

Hopefully, they will be something you'll actually want to read.