Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Look Back at This Month's Challenge

One more day to go and that day is Halloween, so I think I'll post about that tomorrow.

Today, I'm going to look back on this month.

As those who are reading will know, it was the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The goal was to post to your blog every day for a month, share that post on the UBC facebook page and then comment on at least two other blogs. I did accomplish that goal. The hope is that you will get new readers.

I'm not sure that's what I accomplished. I think most people were just trying to meet the requirements. I do plan to go through all those who commented on my posts and go visit their blogs. I do plan to go and become a regular reader of some blogs.

I'm hoping that I have picked up regular readers.

There have been posts that didn't receive any comments. I tend to post late in the day and so somehow I get overlooked.

One person criticized me because I said I didn't care about my blog post. She was fair in her criticism and so I changed my blog post. Frankly, I was tired and didn't feel like blogging and that came out too strongly.

I know I won't be able to keep up with blogging everyday, although I do plan to blog more often. My other blogs were ignored in the meantime. The problem with blogging every day is that some good posts get buried quickly, while other posts which aren't as good are seen and judged as representative of your work. When you blog everyday sometimes the work suffers.

I will also be working on Nanowrimo in November, so writing my two thousand words for my novel is going to be most important. Blogging may have to fall to the wayside a bit. Until those two thousand plus words are done each day, then I can't blog. Priorities, priorities.

Then there's that whole gotta go to work to make money thing that takes up time. And gotta take care of other people thing that takes time.

And sleep.

And knitting.

It would be nice to have a bunch of people regularly read. I know there are blogs out there that have that and I haven't figured out what they're doing right since I don't find the blogs particularly spell binding.

But I do think this was a nice warm up to Nanowrimo.


Alice Gerard said...

This has been a great experience for me, too. I've never blogged anywhere near this much! I chose to start sharing some of the story that I'm thinking about using in a memoir and I've been very grateful for the response that I've received.
I too will participate in nanwrimo. I don't know if I can write 50,000 words worth of fiction but it is certainly worth trying!
I enjoy your blog very much. Oh and sometimes, no one commented on my blog because I also posted late...

Laura said...

I joined a bit late but I will join again in November and hopefully complete the challenge. It is true that we do not get to read the same blogs again (chances are slim) because we tend to read and comment only on the posts that were above us.

I tried to comment on other blogs that weren't part of my requirement but sadly they do not reciprocate.