Thursday, October 2, 2014

Humiliating the Off Spring

Day 2! And it's like 11:20 at night. Mountain time. I've got to get this thing written.

Day 2 and I'm stuck so I'm resorting to the suggestion that the Ultimate Blog Challenge sends out which doesn't have to be done, but I'm drawing a blank.

It's about blogging about someone you admire.

Now that's not so bad, unless the person you admire most is your kid.

No one wants to read about how amazing your kid is. Not only that but the kid doesn't want to have someone blog about how amazing they are.

I used to have a humor column and most of my column fodder came from my kids. You would think they would be humiliated having a mother who wrote columns about them and the really dumb things they do, but not my kids. Nope. They would ask me when I was going to write about them.

"When you do something interesting," I would say.

Which to a kid is the same as saying "burn down the house, steal a car, and tie your sister to a tree."

I was that desperate.

But no kid wants to have their mother fawn all over them in public.

Saying things like "my fifteen year old daughter does so well in school without really trying, is a wonderful dancer, is beautiful, has marvelous self-esteem and most importantly she's so nice to everyone that you can't hate her if you tried and when I grow up I want to be just like her," will cause that child to lose her marvelous self-esteem and go into a closet and hide for days.

Not only that, but it will just make any readers roll their eyes and vow never to read that blogger again.

So I won't do it.


Anne Dovel said...

What do I write about? I always know what to write about when I'm out and about...just not when I sit down!

My kids are the same way. 'why did you say that nice thing on my fb page?' sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Anna, I love your humor and style of writing. I'm sure your kids will love going through your writing when they're older. I look forward to more goodness from you. Love xo