Saturday, October 18, 2014

Poetry Break: Strait and Narrow

Strait and Narrow
by Anna Maria Junus

They say the way is strait and narrow.
They do not tell about the brambles
And thorny bushes,
The fallen boulders that cannot be
Navigated over, or through, or under,
 But only around,
Or the dragons that promise riches and protection
But breathe fire,
Scarring, mutilating flames that lick
At soft vulnerable places,
And crawl along
Poisoning tender limbs,
Encircling, suffocating innocent song.

He came like knight
 To cut the brambles,
And move the boulders
And fight the dragons,
But morphed into dragon
All-encompassing, demanding dragon,
That couldn't be appeased by any sacrifice
And stole away the song. 

I broke free

and now,
I walk on dappled inconsistent waters,
And leap from cliffs
Where optical illusion bridges span,
As brambles tangle hair,
Thorns torment fleshy fingers,
And boulders detour established paths.
Through unmarked trails I travel along,
  No map, nor compass,
   Just the whisper of sacred song.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed your post and checked out your site along the way. You have a great way with words. I love how fluid they sound. Happy blogging!

Stacy Morley said...

Great readding