Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pushing the Deadline

Okay, it's 11:36 at night on Oct 14. I have 24 minutes to write a blog post and publish it.

What to write about, what to write about.

Okay, I'll write about this blog challenge.

So far I've been on top of it. Sure, I've cheated. I've posted a couple of old columns. I posted a poem I wrote a few years ago.

I could do that again. Post another poem.

There was the blog suggestion that I post an advice column but I have a blog that does that. You can see that blog here. I haven't posted to it in a long while though. Remember, you can't trust what Aunt Madge says.

Ask Aunt Madge But Don't Trust What She Says

Anna, that isn't very nice. You're making me sound like a crack pot.

Madge, you realize that crack pot probably means something different now than what you're thinking. Besides, you have your own blog. Get off of mine. You need to post on your own.

I know that. I just haven't got around to it. 

Your last blog post was in June of last year. 

Well, I guess everyone is doing hunky dory. I haven't had any problems to solve.

So your here bothering me. Go to your own blog.

Well. I know when I'm not wanted.

Sorry about that. Yeah, it was suggested that I write an advice post, but it's a little late now when I want to get this out in the next 15 minutes. So just hop on over to Madge's. She's a little - unorthodox let me say.

Did you just call me a north odd ox?

Yes. That's exactly what I called you. A north odd ox. It's a Canadian ox that likes to wear mukluks and a toque.

You just get nastier as you get older.

I have to get this post out to make the deadline.

What do you get for making the deadline?

Uh, well, nothing. The satisfaction of keeping a perfect record so far.

That should keep you warm at night.

 Okay, it's just hit 11:52. I've got to wrap this up.

Maybe you could send it by a North Odd Ox. Kind of like the pony express.

I'm sending people over to your blog. What more do you want?

A mountie with a bouquet of roses.

Actually that sounds good. I want one too. 

Let's go find one.

Okay. Everybody, I'm going out. Have fun. Bye!


Unknown said...

omg. i am still laughing out loud! i soooo needed this at this point today. i am 3 articles behind and today of all days, my wordpress stopped editing my documents. everything is running together, pictures are all misplaced, spacing all wrong, and i've been working 7 hours on one article that should not take more than an hour. this truly boosted my spirit and i feel much happier trying to get caught up. thank you! hilarious!