Monday, October 6, 2014

Today is Mad Hatter Day!

The date is 10/6 which makes it Mad Hatter Day.


Here's the explanation according to,

"Mad Hatter Day celebrates the Mad Hatter, from Alice In Wonderland. The original picture of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (more commonly known as Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll) always depicts him wearing a hat, bearing the note "In This Style 10/6″. Although we know this is really an order from the time the picture was drawn to mean a hat in that style cost 10 Shillings and Sixpence, we take this as inspiration to act in the style of the Mad Hatter on 10/6 (In the UK this would point to the tenth of June, but as the day was founded in America, it is the 6th of October)."

So there you have it.

In celebration of Mad Hatter day, I will be doing another episode of...

Crazy Hats that People Actually Wore and it Wasn't For Halloween, a Contest, or a Football Game

This is the second edition. You can find the first edition here.

Hats! Hats! And More Hats! 

And now on with the show.

The Royal Ascot Hats

Does this woman know that there is a ostrich in a pink tutu sitting on her head?


Yes, that is a hat. It is not a bird that suddenly alighted on this woman's head hoping for a photo op. This woman walked around with a fake bird on her head. Because she could and you can do anything at the Royal Ascot.


Back in the 80's there was a children's show and line of toys called Rose Petal's Place. Rose Petal was voiced by Marie Osmond and it was the story of the flowers in the garden.

This is Rose Petal all grown up into a full blooming flower. Nastina the nasty spider didn't break her spirit. Now she's all fiery wearing her hot black and white outfit and showing the other flowers that she really is the best one in the garden.


She is wearing Dr. Suess's Thneed Trees on the top of her head and Eliza Doolittle's dress on her body.



This. This is the way it should look. 

It makes me weep.

It appears they skinned a swan for this thing. 

I think the swan is attacking her judging by the expression on her face.

Maybe the swan isn't liking the costume jewelry.

When I was a kid I had something called a Spirograph.

It was this really neat set of plastic wheels with small holes. You put a pen in any of these holes and a smaller wheel inside a larger wheel with a hole and you moved it around the wheel to make all these cool designs.

I have always taken care of my things but somehow the Spirograph got lost somewhere along the way.

The mystery is solved. This woman's hat designer stole it.

Hats I Don't Believe Are Real Hats but You Never Know With the English (They Are Mad You Know)

Now this is waitressing!

She even has her hands free to hold her purse while she delivers the goods.

And if she gets hungry, she's all taken care of.

Smart, smart, girl.

Is this a pro-smoking hat, or an anti smoking hat? 

Is she encouraging people to treat her like an ashtray and become the butt of their jokes?

Or is she saying if you smoke you will become an ash tray and be the butt of jokes.

Or is this the way they keep the grounds clean. They just hire girls to be ashtrays. 

Why carry a book or knitting when you can carry a soccer field?

Stuck in a line? Encourage people to have a game.

Bored at a convention? Keep your seatmate entertained.

Falling asleep in church? You can stay awake and still honor God by keeping your head covered.

 Forget about this. It's a Gilligan.

 This. Too Mr. Howell.


Or even this. Johnny Depp was last year.

This! This is a sailors hat!

It's even got stormy seas.

You can put the name of your boat right on the boat which of course is an exact replica of your dinghy.

It takes a woman to wear a real sailor's hat!

 I'm thinking showgirl in Los Vegas.

I'm thinking of the Maya Angelou book "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings".

I'm thinking wierd sexual fetish.

I'm thinking the woman leaves her negligee in the oddest places.

I'm thinking the woman got her head stuck and can't get it out.

I'm thinking that somebody needs some attention. Could someone give this woman a hug and take her to a nice safe place where they serve milk and cookies and tuck her in bed.

And now a salute to Mad Hatter Hats because it's always Time for Tea


Unknown said...

Great job with Mad Hatter day, Anna. I really got a laugh out of the pictures you found, even without your hilarious commentary.

Susan Schiller said...

Wow, there is a Mad Hatter Day! I didn't know, but I'm glad I found out - I love the Mad Hatter!

My favorite of all your hats displayed here is the spirograph hat! What a fun visit - thank you for sharing the Mad Hatter Day!