Friday, October 31, 2014

The Boneyard

All right. I promised a Halloween post so I'm giving you a Halloween post.

I thought I would share with you an exerpt from my book "Witches Brew Ha-Ha".

Hope you enjoy. And have a safe Halloween.

The Boneyard
by Anna Maria Junus

“You get the next one.”
“I want the next one! I want the next one.” Travis whined.
David rolled his eyes. “Oh all right you big baby. You get the next one.”
”I’m not a baby.”
“Then quit acting like one.”
“Man, does your brother always have to tag along?” Kyle asked.
“Hey, it’s not my idea,” David said.
They moved among the gravestones and tombs, stopping every now and then to read one, watching for trick or treaters. It was mostly the teenagers that came into the graveyard; the little kids were too frightened to come at night time. Occasionally it would be a group of girls on a dare or a big brother trying to scare his younger sibling.
The boys had decided that the best way to spend Halloween would be to have some fun with whoever was brave enough to be in the graveyard.
“This is the best Halloween ever!” Travis roared with laughter as he watched the girls they scared screaming down the street.
“Did you see the witches over by John Jacob’s crypt?” Kyle asked.
“Yeah, don’t mess with those ones,” David said. “I heard they really did a number on some pizza delivery guy.”
“Yeah, what did they do?”
            “Turned him into a frog or a pig or something. I didn’t hear the whole story. Apparently he was babbling like an idiot when he got home and they had to send him to a mental hospital.”
“How could he babble like an idiot if he was a frog or a pig? And how would they know he was the pizza delivery boy?”
“I don’t know. Maybe he had pizza on his breath. He was driving the pizza delivery car.”
“A frog was driving a pizza delivery car?”
“Alright, maybe he wasn’t turned into something.” David shrugged his shoulders. “But whatever he wasn’t turned into, those witches had something to do with it.”
Kyle suddenly motioned everyone to be quiet. “Travis,” he whispered, “See that group of kids?”
Travis looked at the group of five or six, “Hey, I think that’s Emily and Nathan from school,” he whispered back.
“Friends of yours?”
“No. They were always mean to me. Emily told everyone that I stink, and Nathan tripped me all the time and the rest of them always laughed at me.”
“Okay, they’re coming this way,” David said. “Get behind this tomb here and when they walk by, jump out and go “boo!”
Travis grinned. The boys found hiding places amongst the gravestones. Travis watched while the group of kids from school got closer and closer…
“BOO!” he jumped out in front of them.
The kids just stared, their mouths open. Then Kyle and David appeared, floating through the air…
The three ghosts laughed and gave each other high fives as they watched the kids tear off towards home, screaming.


Reema D'souza said...

Interesting story :)

Jodi said...

How fun to have written a Halloween story. I'll have to check that book out. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Happy Halloween!